Vultures To Be Trained By Police To Find Dead Bodies.

We were gathered on the main deck the other night watching an old Western film, the main protagonist was looking for his friend in a canyon when he suddenly spots a group of circling vultures in the distance, cue discovery of his friend’s dead body.

At the time we discussed at some length, (with the inclusion of alcohol), the possibilities of using vultures to assist the police and other authorities in finding dead bodies. So imagine our surprise when we read the following:

‘German police are planning to use vultures to locate dead bodies that sniffer dogs can’t reach.

They will attach global positioning system tracking devices to birds and get them to find the corpses of people who have disappeared in remote areas.

You can read more about this story over at The Telegraph‘s main website. Sadly there is still no suggestion of police using bees to find stolen pots of jam.

(via The Telegraph)