Peter Yates 1929 – 2011

Yep it’s pretty much official January 2011 sucks the big one. First Pete Postlethwaite, then Gerry Rafferty followed by boxer Gary Mason and now film director Peter Yates. Ok, Yates may have been aged 82 but by today’s standards that’s still quite young…at least that’s what we’re maintaining.

Yates was of course responsible for one of the greatest detective movies/car chases in cinematic history with Bullitt, a film which pretty much introduced the world to Steve ‘the cooler king‘ McQueen. He also directed the underrated sci-fi fantasy Krull, the Nick Nolte thriller The Deep, which was a big box office success on account of it’s opening shot featuring actress Jacqueline Bisset underwater in a white see-through t-shirt, and the gritty cult 70s crime noir flick The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, which starred Robert Mitchum, which if you haven’t seen, (probably because it’s currently unavailable in the UK), you should make a point of seeking out. In honour of Peter Yates here’s that infamous car chase in it’s entirity along with trailers for his aforementioned other films.

Bullitt – 1968

Krull – 1983

The Deep – 1977

The Friends Of Eddie Coyle – 1973

Yates, you old sea dog you.

Avast! Trailer For The Ward.

"I can't be sure, but it does look like my career"

Carpenter is back bitches! It’s been way too long since cult film director John Carpenter, he of Halloween, The Thing and Escape From New York fame, graced us with his cinematic presence. The 62 year-old has done next to nothing since 2001 when his glorious sci-fi failure Ghosts Of Mars, starring Jason ‘wot you fackin’ starin’ at?’ Statham, bombed at the box office. But now he’s back with a new film called The Ward and judging by the trailer it looks…well…it looks like a steaming bag of shit! Maybe it’s the way the trailer has been edited together but it reeks of 80s straight -to-video slasher flick and has disappointed the entire crew here. First Postlethwaite then Rafferty and now this?! F@ck you 2011.

You may of course disagree with our assumptions.

Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011

What a complete pisser of a start to the new year first one of our all time favourite actors, Pete Postlethwaite, took his final curtain call last week and now one of the greatest and most underrated songwriters of a generation has passed. Gerry Rafferty, responsible for such great songs as Baker Street and Stuck In The Middle With You, died on Jan 4th due to his ongoing battle with the bottle. Paisley born Rafferty was prolific throughout the 70s but vanished off the radar almost completely in the 80s, except to resurface briefly to produce The Proclaimers hit song Letter From America. Newspapers at the time continued to report of his decline after he trashed a hotel room following a drinking binge which resulted in his admission to hospital with liver problems. His health continued to deteriorate due to his problems with alcohol.

Maybe the Mayans were right, maybe 2012 will be as far as we get and this is the start of the big wind down. Not that we’re hoping for the end of the world but it sure feels like it at times, especially when whoever is in charge up there is determined to knock off all the good guys. Dick!