Avast! Ghostbuster 30th Anniversary Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the 30th anniversary blu-ray edition of Ghostbusters and it looks amazing.

Sony will be releasing a special blu-ray edition of Ghostbusters 2 but for now here’s the original which incidentally will also be appearing in selected cinemas for one day only in the UK on August 28th.

Jesus, do I miss Rick Moranis.

Begad! Thunder Busters – Possibly The Best Mash-Up Yet.

Whoever made this has a greater understanding of music compatibility than any of us here at HMS Friday and that wouldn’t be hard since all we ever play on deck¬† is Chas & Dave’s excellent ninth studio album: Chas and Dave’s Knees Up – Jamboree Bag Number 2.

Thunder Busters is a mash-up of the theme to Ghostbusters with AC/DC’s single Thunderstruck by Wax Audio. You can find more examples of their musical mashing skills over at their main website by charting a course HERE.