Black Friday Chaos In The UK.

This video was shoot in Tesco’s next to Glasgow’s Silverburn Shopping Centre, where customers were brawling over flat screen TVs which were for sale during Black Friday.

A day where people breath out of their mouths and buy even more shite they don’t need, with money they don’t have.

Work Your Ass Off At The MOBOs For Nothing.


The only opportunity volunteering ever provided was the prospect of yet more volunteering.


This year’s MOBO awards, which are being held in Glasgow, are running a special prize for Young Scots. If they have over 100 points on their Young Scot card they can enter this amazing prize draw to win the chance to work like a dog for absolutely no pay whatsoever at the event.

That’s right you may spend the night sweating like Rolf Harris in the dock with not a single penny to show for your effort but just think of all the wonderful talentless celebs, charged up on Gak, who will verbally abuse and berate you throughout the course of the evening. With not a single promise of a full or part time job at the end of proceedings.

Don’t miss out on this special prize draw for total exploitation if you have more than 100 points on your Young Scot card it’s time for a reward. Unpaid work.

Glasgow ‘Occupy’ Protesters Are Costing City Council £45 A Day.

So, so much has been written in newspapers and Internet blogs recently about the ‘Occupy’ protesters around the globe and the problems and hassles they’re causing. If opinionated journalists aren’t wading in with a full character assassination on the way they look and smell then right-wing fuckwits who doodle graphic novelists are suggesting they be exported out to the front lines.

Of course the one constant here is the complete failure to understand the reason(s) the protesters are demonstrating, there’s been virtually no in-depth examination or reports from the mainstream media and here’s another fine example, this time from an STV news item claiming that the Glasgow branch of the ‘Occupy’ movement is costing the city’s council a whopping £45 a day.

In response to a request from councillors, Robert Booth, executive director of land and services, revealed that the set-up cost of the camp, including providing fencing, toilets, lighting and a water supply, ran to £1800. Weekly running costs are expected to amount to £160, bringing the total over three months to £4040 – an average of nearly £45 a day.

Shouldn’t really be any bother to the Labour run Glasgow city council, £45 a day is mere couch change when you consider that they’ve just forked out a ‘golden goodbye‘ to the chief executive of City Building Glasgow, Willie Docherty who’s set to fill his bank balance with a pawltry extra £615,000 and let’s not forget that Glasgow city council along with Scotland’s other 31 local authorities have in the past two years paid out £65m in severence pay.

Two years…£65m…that’s £32.5m a year…which is £2.7m a month…which is £675,000 a week…which comes to £96,000 a day! Ninety six thousand pounds a day over the last two years for golden handshakes and golden goodbyes to overpaid arseholes who have exploited the public purse for their own financial ends. (BTW even at it’s most average total Glasgow city council alone have forked out around £3,000 a day in the last two years).

Aye, but see they smelly, jobless, hippies camping oot in Kelvingrove Park they’re costing Glasgae council £45 a day, the bastards!

(via STV News)

30 Arrests After Old Firm Goes Ballistic.

Police in Glasgow this morning confirmed that they had made 30 arrests following the insanity which took place last night between the city’s two football teams. We spend our days sailing on the high seas so a sport like football, (soccer), is of little interest to us, its more for those crazy land lubbers. But last night’s Scottish Cup tie between Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic developed into a grand festival of shouting and pushing. Apparently there had been a game of football at one point but we had blinked and subsequently missed it.

Having watched many an old firm game from the safety of our moorings over the years this sort of behaviour comes as no surprise. In February when the ‘gruesome twosome’ played each other police in the city made 229 arrests. Most, if not all of the trouble is fuelled by alcohol and bigotry and having a group of well paid grown men behaving like petulant children who have just been told by their parents that they have no more time to play in the ball pit, does not help the situation.

Having said that we would just love to know what Rangers assistant manager, (and manger to be), Ally McCoist said to Celtic manager Neil Lennon at full time to make him go all shouty and pushy.

"You've got some crumbs on your top lip Alistair."