Beheaded Goblin Explodes Killing Five.

goblin 2

In news which comes to us from Zimbabwe it’s been reported that a cleansing ceremony which was being carried out in a house by a team of traditional healers, ended in disaster after a goblin was beheaded and exploded leaving five people dead.

(Yes, you read that paragraph correctly)

Details are sketchy but according to survivor statements the ceremony had been arranged by a Mr Kamuyedza who had purchased a goblin from a neighbouring country, (apparently they bring wealth and prosperity to businesses), but it’s unruly behaviour was upsetting Mr Kamuyedza who decided he need to get rid of the goblin and so paid $15,000 for a special cleansing ceremony to dispose of him.

‘According to the traditional healer, Mr Kamuyedza acquired a money-spinning goblin from a nearby country to boost the fortunes of his transport business. He, however, decided to dispose of it after it started “to make extreme demands.’’ Mandere is said to have assembled a team of traditional healers including Ms Banda, to assist in conducting the ceremony. Sekuru Shumba [the healer] beheaded the goblin. Clever (the businessman), subsequently, told his wife to collect the US$15 000 from their car that was parked outside. “That is when Sekuru shouted that the goblin was fighting back. All I remember after that is a loud sound coming from the bedroom. The walls of the house crumbled. Virginia and I struggled to get outside.” The mysterious blast killed five people, including Sekuru Shumba, the businessman and a seven-month-old child. Investigators are still trying to establish the cause of the explosion that also damaged 12 other houses.’

(via Doubtful News & NewsdzeZimbabwe)