Morning Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Mad Men star January Jones finally shows off her baby to the world – (WWTDD)

A Google engineer lifts the lid on why Google + has become such a massive disappointment – (I Heart Chaos)

The UK robber, who’s been raiding bookmakers, is a gifted master of disguise – (Anorak News)

The guy who hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s phone and gave the world her bare arse, faces up to 121 years in prison, (might get 120 for good behaviour) – (Buzz Feed)

A squirrel eating peanut butter from inside the jar.

Exclusive proof that Lindsay Lohan may in fact be British – (Inf Daily)

U.S. military drones have been infected by a computer virus – (The Week)

Britain rallies together to stop Christmas – (Daily Mash)

Cabinet minister Oliver Letwin doesn’t need a shredder for top secret documents, he uses park bins instead. Much safer – (Daily Mail)

Advert For Google Wallet Rapes Seinfeld!

If you haven’t heard of Google Wallet before, then don’t worry because neither have we, but thanks to some marketing man George Constanza from Seinfeld is here to help you understand.

Apparently Google Wallet is a mobile payment system app devised by Google which will allow your mobile phone to hold all your credit cards, loyalty cards, sales promotions coupons, receipts and gift cards. Pretty much everything you usually put into your wallet can now be stored electronically on your phone…except of course for johnny bags.

We think they should drop the name Google Wallet and in honour of every hacker out there who is currently pitching a tent in their tracksuit trousers over the prospect of a device holding so much sensitive information on a mobile phone, re-name this app ‘Come at me Bro!’