Haiti Stands With Japan

Much has been said about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami over the past few days and many have struggled to find the words to clearly express how they feel about what appears to be one of the worst disasters in recent history. However some of the things which have been said, mostly online, have been pretty repugnant and fuelled by narrow minded hate, but the video above pretty much addresses the balance and certainly has restored our humanity in people.

Entitled simply Haiti Stands With Japan it documents the reactions of two young Haitian boys as they watch footage of the tsunami wiping out towns and villages on the news. On the filmmaker’s YouTube page a short description is given for the film: “Geoffery & Joseph had their home destroyed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Today they watched as Japan was devastated by the Tsunami. Despite having nothing, Geoff wishes he could help the children of Japan. What then should we, who have everything, do for the children of Japan and Haiti?”