Avast! Trailer For Here Comes The Boom.

Kevin James and Adam Sandler’s movie production team Happy Madison are at it again. Get ready for belly laugh after belly laugh as the hilarious team take on the world of Mixed Martial Arts in their raucous comedy Here Comes The Boom. Arf!

The plot for this side splitting, shenanigan-fest rattles along like so:

 Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a 42-year-old bored biology teacher in a failing high school. When budget cutbacks look like they might force the cancellation of the music program, which would result in its teacher (Henry Winkler) being laid off, Scott begins to raise money by competing as a mixed martial arts fighter to keep the program around.

That’s right, he’s doing it for the kids and just look at all the ensuing hilarity. Which is exactly what would happen in reality.