Avast! Trailer for The Bay.

Excuse me a second.

*sits down on leather wing back chair, adjusts smoking jacket and lights up Dr Plumb Classic Bent Briar pipe*

Far be it for me to criticise the current state of modern cinema but recently it feels like a deluge of tawdry films, which only a few years ago would have found themselves in the bargain bin at Woolworths, have been released nationwide. It seems these films run on a cultivated checklist rather than pure imagination and ingenuity and judging from the trailer above for Barry Levinson’s, (Good Morning, Vietnam, Rain Man), new film The Bay it looks like someone’s been busy ticking boxes.

Zombies? Check.

Unknown parasites? Check.

Viral outbreak? Check.

Found footage? Check.

The only thing missing from this film is a flying CGI Great White Shark in a cape.


Audience Reaction to Halloween Back In 1978.

Here’s an interesting video which documents the reaction of an audience in a cinema watching John Carpenter’s seminal horror movie Halloween, for the very first time back in good ole 1978.

As you will hear their screams and response to the film is hilarious, when you consider the scenes they’re watching are quite tame in comparison to the torture-porn horror flicks we’ve become accustomed to.

We along with many others were too young to see this film when it was first released and ended up watching it years later on grainy VHS in secret, so our parents wouldn’t find out. Didn’t sleep for weeks thanks to Michael Myers.

 (via I Heart Chaos / Geek Tyrant)