Trailer For Second Season Of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

I have yet to watch the first series of Ash Vs Evil Dead, but it is on my list. Ratings and reviews of the American comedy-horror TV show, produced and developed by director Sam Raimi, were solid and extremely positive. Hence why we now have a second season.

The trailer above sees the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash battling the evil dead once more with plenty of claret  and the odd perfectly timed one-liner.

Ash Vs Evil Dead season two is set for release this October.

Avast! Trailer For ParaNorman.

What’s funny about this film is we actually knew a bloke called Norman and he was indeed paranoid about everything and guess what we used to call him? That’s right, ‘Sad Norman‘.

Directed by Sam Fell (The Tale of Despereaux, Flushed Away) it features the vocal talents of Casey Affleck, Chris Mintz-Plasse and John Goodman and is produced by Laika and Focus Features the same collaboration who brought us Coraline. Just like that movie it’s a tad darker than most children’s flicks, dealing with a story which charts the struggle of a boy called Norman, (who can communicate with the dead), and his increasingly difficult task of saving his small town from a centuries old curse which involves zombies, ghosts, ghouls and witches.

Any film which uses Donavan’s music gets the thumbs up from us.


Teaser Trailer For The Walking Dead Series 2.

Notice how we used the word ‘series‘ in the title? That’s because we refuse to use the word ‘season‘, simply because we’ve been using the British word for decades and there’s no real need to change and start using the American version now.

Take yesterday for instance we had rowed ashore for some supplies and while we were pushing our cart trolley up and down the aisles we noticed that many of the large family sized packets of crisps have change their product titles to ‘chips‘. There’s also a poster campaign doing the rounds appealing for ‘rookie lifeguards’, should that not be ‘trainee lifeguards’?

Anyway here’s Andrew Lincoln bashing some zombies about with a rock.