Here’s All The Superbowl 2015 Movie Trailers.

sb 4

As is tradition in America this time every year they put on a massive ornithology show featuring some sort of Superb Owl. The event is massive and companies and movie studios clamber to buy up advertising space during the televised coverage.

Here are all the Superb Owl TV spots for all the movies featured last night. You are more than welcome.

Avast! Red Band Trailer For Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Here’s the very NSFW, red band trailer for the sequel to 2010’s highly successful comedy Hot Tub Time Machine.

The only cast member who failed to return for yet more wet, time traveling shennigans is John Cusak but he’s been competently replaced by the hilarious Adam Scott. The plot for the sequel rattles along like so:

Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) use the time traveling hot tub to try to get back to the past after Lou (Rob Corddry) gets in trouble, but they inadvertently end up ten years in the future, which they must alter if they want to save their present-day environment.

Hot Tub Time Machine will go on general release on Christmas Day.