Best Commentary From Last Night’s Super Bowl.

I’m not much of a fan of the old Super Bowl but I have to admit listening to the big game on my trusty old wireless was surprisingly exciting.

Here’s a sample of last night’s audio described action by commentators Butch Schlong and Snatch Frigget.

Remeberfied # 2 – Mark & Lard – Sports Network.

It was a sad, dark day for radio broadcasting history when Radio One decided to slide the fader down on duo Mark Radcliffe and the boy Lard on March 26th 2004.

These two clips are perfect examples of just how talented these two were with their American stereotyped sportscaster characters of Butch Schlong and Snatch Frigget on the American Sports Network Show broadcasting from W.A.N.K in Cincinnati, with all the latest news on Hung Donkeyman, Clint Flickerman and Wanky Buttblaster.