New Zealand Has Giant Insects.

Not content with gaining the official title of ‘Home of Rugby‘ earlier this year, (albeit by just one point), New Zealand have gone and secured themselves the denomination of  ‘Home of the World’s Largest Insect.’

This amazing picture was taken by adventurer Mark Moffett, a man who National Geographic described as: “the Indiana Jones of Entomology,” after he discovered  the giant Weta up a tree on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand. Apparently Weta’s suffer from Island Gigantism a common side effect for species who are allowed to breed in practical isolation, (which explains why Brooke Shields’ boobies seemed to be growing at an alarming rate throughout the course of The Blue Lagoon…oh the memories) This Weta has now officially been declared the biggest insect in the world which can eat whole carrots and has a wing span of seven inches. Good luck sleeping tonight!

(via The Telegraph, via I Heart Chaos)

Morning Links In Brief(s).

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Scottish comedian Limmy comes under fire from Tory MP Louise Mensch for his Thatcher comments on Twitter, (Mensch is the same MP who’s in favour of fox hunting and wants to shut down Twitter and Facebook at the slightest hint of social unrest) – (Telegraph)

We love this story. The guy who runs I Heart Chaos helps out a young 13 year-old gamer who had his copy of Skyrim stolen right out of his hands as he left Game Stop – (I Heart Chaos)

Graphic Novellist Frank Miller calls the ‘Occupy’ protestors  ‘pond scum, thieves, louts and rapists’ and in doing so has enraged a lot of his fans –  (Frank Miller Ink)

The Western Black Rhino of Africa is now officially extinct and two more rhino species are set to follow – (CBS News)

3,000 policemen storm Rio De Janeiro’s biggest slum – (CNN)

Some of the requests the Foreign Office has received throughout the years have been downright bizarre – (BBC News)

Amazon reassures buyers that the Kindle Fire can compete with the best – (The Atlantic Wire)

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Mad Men star January Jones finally shows off her baby to the world – (WWTDD)

A Google engineer lifts the lid on why Google + has become such a massive disappointment – (I Heart Chaos)

The UK robber, who’s been raiding bookmakers, is a gifted master of disguise – (Anorak News)

The guy who hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s phone and gave the world her bare arse, faces up to 121 years in prison, (might get 120 for good behaviour) – (Buzz Feed)

A squirrel eating peanut butter from inside the jar.

Exclusive proof that Lindsay Lohan may in fact be British – (Inf Daily)

U.S. military drones have been infected by a computer virus – (The Week)

Britain rallies together to stop Christmas – (Daily Mash)

Cabinet minister Oliver Letwin doesn’t need a shredder for top secret documents, he uses park bins instead. Much safer – (Daily Mail)

Morning Links In Brief(s).

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Ex-Whezzer bassist Mickey Welsh predicted his own death.

Austin Powers actor, the one they made up to look like Odd Job, kills cellmate in prison – (Film Drunk)

Russian yeti hunters are now 95% sure Yetis exist. After finding footprints and a bed…possibly an Ikea side table too. – (Time)

16 zombies injured on set of latest Resident Evil movie. A movie we knew nothing about and have no intention of ever seeing. – (TMZ)

And not a single fuck was given that day.

 The terrifying Goat Man of Lake Worth, Texas. Who sounds terrifying. – (Mysterious Universe)

Ten amazing stories behind ten really bad album covers – (Mental Floss)

Pictures of ‘recent’ craters found on Mars – (Mars Today)

The Rapture has now been moved to October 21st. God loves a trier. – (I Heart Chaos)

Want one! Need one!

Saudi Trick Driving Is Insane!

In Saudi Arabia right now the in-thing for many young and filthy rich men is trick driving. Performing high speed stunts in expensive high powered cars on public motorways, with scant regard for the safety of others as this mesmerising ten minute video above demonstrates.

As you’ll see in the first two minutes alone the speeding car drifts and spins in front of a school bus and then a petrol tanker. And if driving like a Hollywood stuntman in public wasn’t insane and dangerous enough they get their equally deranged passengers to fire assault rifles out of the windows, because no car stunt would be complete without the presence of live ammunition.

Another ‘craze’ young Saudi men seem to be obsessed with is ‘Road Skating’, where passengers hang from moving vehicles and skate along the road with not even a single knee-pad in sight. You know if we were betting men…

(via I Heart Chaos)

Contender For Best Wipeout Of 2011.

Every now and then you’ll read or hear about a story involving an individual who was either paralysed for life or left horrifically scarred doing a relatively simple mundane task like changing a light-bulb, jumping off a trampoline or running for a bus.

These stories send a shiver up your spine because you think about how that could so easily happen to you. We don’t get those shivers. We only get those shivers when we think back to all the craziness and downright insanity that filled our childhoods, the dangerous risks we took, the scant regard we had for safety and the scrapes we often got ourselves into.

It’s a miracle we made it through our youth in one piece and videos, like the one above, serve as a reminder of those times…and that’s when the shivers begin.

(via I Heart Chaos)

Afternoon Dubloons.

Boyfriend watches girlfriend’s murder on webcam in Canada (Daily Mail)

McDonalds National Hiring Day descends into total carnage (I Heart Chaos)

It wasn’t cocaine, it was white chocolate Vanessa Hudgens was licking…claims her agent (WWTDD)

The now officially approved Weird Al Yankovic cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Wahey!

Vin Diesel claims that XXX3 is a go. (Film Drunk)

Dr Who star Elizabeth Sladen has passed away at 63 (BBC News)

Top ten Star Wars toys that Hasbro hasn’t remade (Topless Robot)

What every self respecting follower of fashion needs; wellies with a heel (She Wears Red Feathers)



Have An Assault Rifle? Have A Golf Ball Firing Assault Rifle.

First of all this isn’t a rifle specifically made to fire golf balls because that would just be daft. Why on earth would you want a rifle which fired golf balls? This is an attachment you can fix on to your existing assault rifle, in case you have a M16, M4 or AR-15 sitting in your murder cupboard gathering dust, which allows you to fire golf balls. Makes much more sense now, doesn’t it?

Apparently the company selling this piece of hardware claim the launcher can fire golf balls up to 250 yards. That’s got to help towards shaving that handicap down. (via I Heart Chaos)

And what better way to demonstrate this application at work than a couple of rednecks in a forest. Thank the maker we only have midges to worry about in our woodlands.

HMS Friday’s Link Booty.

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Weird Al Yankovic wages war on bad grammar.

Cola which is flavoured with medicinal marijuana goes on sale in the States (via Boing Boing)

A list of the top 40 greedy bastards earners in Hollywood over 2010 (via Slash Film)

A producer for the TV series Survivor may have murdered his wife (Via People)

Jeremy Paxman is off da chain. First he dropped the C-bomb on live TV…

…and now he’s sent out his last Newsnight daily e-mail because he thinks its ‘crap’ (via Anorak News)

Ten action figures you will never own…and if you do then hang your head in shame (via Topless Robot)

List of the 25 best casual games available for gamers and non-gamers out there (via UGO)

Footage of a UFO in Israel.Yet another reason to fill that bath. They are coming and you better be prepared.

Hollywood actress Halle Berry may be related to Mel Gibson (via WWTDD)

Japanese scientists train dogs to sniff out cancer in patients…by smelling their arses (via I Heart Chaos)