Ice Hockey Match Gets All Fighty.

Ah, ice hockey. How we just love the fact that in between all the legal fisticuffs and brawling an actual game is to be played. But who in their right mind can be bothered watching hockey when you’ve got gladitorial entertainment like this?

This specific brawl happened last night during the sixth game of the 2012 Eastern Conference Quarter Finals between the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. The two players who trade blows were Brandon Prust and Chris Neilis.

Are you watching this Didier Drogba?


Canadians Riot In Vancouver…Eh?

Make love, not war.


Just in case you missed it hundreds of normally placid Canadians took to the streets of Vancouver at the weekend and turned parts of the city upside down.

Apparently Vancouver Canuck ice hockey fans decided to go ape-shit after their team lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. Makes p[erfect sense, doesn’t it? Their city’s ice hockey team loses so they go and trash their own city. Mind melting logic.

Anyway here are just a few sample pics of the devastation, you can see a more comprehensive collection by charting a course for HERE.