Iowa Couple Die Holding Hands.

This is quite literally heartbreaking.

The Huffington Post is reporting a story about a couple from Iowa who died an hour apart holding hands in their hospital beds. Norma, (90), and Gordon Yeager, (94), were admitted after they were involved and injured in a car accident. Staff apparently gave the couple a shared room where they were allowed to hold hands in adjacent beds during their final moments. Gordon passed away first but his heart monitor continued to register a pulse, medical staff explained to family members that because the couple were still holding hands Norma’s heart was beating through Gordon.

*squints eyes at monitor, clears throat, holds breath*

Norma died one hour later. The couple leave behind a large family after a staggering 72 years of marriage. In the Huffington Post article Gordon was quoted:

‘I can’t go until she does because I gotta stay here for her.’

*gets up from desk, looks for source of smoke in the room, opens a window to dry streaming eyes*