Jack The Ripper Was A German Sailor.

Well at least that’s what one investigator believes. German website The Local has posted up an interview feature on English author and former murder squad detective Trevor Marriott who’s new book Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation theorises that the world’s most infamous serial killer was a German sailor called Carl Feigenbaum.

Marriott who started scrutinising evidence surrounding the case back in 2002 believes that Feigenbaum, who was actually convicted of the brutal murder of Juliana Hoffmann in New York in 1894, was a sailor whose vessel was docked near Whitechapel when Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly had their throats slashed and – with the exception of Stride – their abdomens mutilated:

The artcile states:

“There were two merchant docks close to Whitechapel, and Whitechapel had hundreds of prostitutes and we all know that where seamen are, there are prostitutes as well,” he says. “It’s an area that hadn’t been explored by the police at the time back in Victorian times, so it was a totally new lead really.”

Hundreds of vessels came in and out of London every day. It was a “mammoth task,” he says, but he went through thousands of shipping records and found that there was a vessel, the Reiher, that was docked on all the dates of the murders save one. On that date, another vessel from the same line was docked.”

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