Steve-O Breaks His Nose On Mike Tyson’s Fist!

So the Charlie Sheen roast came and went and if you haven’t seen it by now then this video above could contain possible spoilers, although our headline doesn’t give away a single thing.

Long story short infamous Jackass clown Steve-O thought that it would be a good idea to throw himself at Mike Tyson’s fist during the end credits of the show. Of course the plan worked out great and after full impact Steve-O was left with a broken schnoz, prompting fellow roaster William ‘The Shat‘ Shatner to deliver his most convincing line yet.

UPDATE: He posted a picture of his injury up on Twitter. Bless.

Friday Legend: Spike Jonze.

He’s a writer, a skateboarder, an actor, a music video director, the producer and co-creator of Jackass, the director of, a photographer, the director of three Hollywood movies and has a plethora of alter egos including Richard Koufey of the Torrance Community Dance Troupe, who shows up in the music video Rockafeller Skank he directed for Fatboy Slim.

Spike Jonze’s music videography is enormous ranging from work with Weezer, Elastica and Dinosaur Jnr to the Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers and now he’s added Arcade Fire to that ever increasing list producing a bitter sweet video for their single The Suburbs, which you can watch above. It’s a large bag of everything, but mainly it’s about the innocence of youth and how it vanishes all too quickly.

So to mark this latest addition to his CV we’ve rounded up ten glorious examples of Spike Jonze’s work, (in no discernible order), as a tribute to one of the most imaginative directors of a generation. If you don’t find at least one of these videos entertaining then book an appointment with your doctor immediately.

Weezer –  Islands In The Sun Official Music Video.

Levis Advert.

The Beastie Boys – Sabotage Official Music Video.

Gap Advert.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls Official Music Video.

The Pharcyde – Drop Official Music Video.

Wax – California Official Music Video.

How They Got There – Short Film.

Unkle – Heaven Official Music Video.

Kanye West – We Were Once A Fairytale Short Film.