Avast! Trailer For Nightcrawler.

The news today is one neverending sensationalization, a televised theatre of death, misery and destruction. A topic of inspiration for Jake Gyllenhall’s new movie Nightcrawler.

Directed by Dan Gilroy the movie tells the story of a driven young man, Lou Bloom, who is desperate to break into the news business in Los Angeles and discovers the pulse-puonding world of crime journalism, where freelance camera crews record crashes and murder on the city streets, often before the police have arrived.

Nightcrawler goes on general release October 31st.



Avast! Source Code Trailer.

It’s basically Quantum Leap meets Groundhog Day meets Agatha Christie. Jake Gyllenhaal plays some sort of military captain who can travel in time to relive the last eight minutes of  a person’s life. Just so happens the person’s body he wakes up in is on board a train which will eventually blow up. So he has only eight minutes to find out who planted the bomb in a train which also  happens to be populated by the most sinister and suspicious looking characters in movie history.