Avast! Trailer For Age Of Heroes.

We’ve had our eye on this film for some time and with it’s release scheduled for May 20th here is the first official trailer.

Age Of Heroes stars Sean Bean, James Darcy and Danny ‘fakin‘ Dyer in the true story of 30 Commando Unit, which was set upĀ  in 1942 with the sole purpose of dropping highly trained soldiers into enemy territory to retrieve documents, intelligence and carry out interrogations during the second world war…very much like a pre-SAS unit.

A Naval Intelligence officer called Ian Fleming, (he who would later go on to create the charismatic international spy character James Bond), took over the unit’s planning and formed a group of men who he used to successful effect throughout campaigns in Norway against the Nazis.

This is basically where the film picks up with James Darcy playing the role of Ian Fleming and Sean Bean as the hard bitten major who leads his men into battle. Apart from what appears to be yet another stereotypical shouty Scottish drill instructor in the trailer our only other criticism is that Danny Dyer appears a little too hamster cheeked to play the part of a highly trained soldier in a crack commando unit. But he probably doesn’t give a fack wot we fink tho, innit! (via Hey U Guys)

HMS Friday’s Link Booty

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

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