Ship Rides Out Japanese Tsunami.

With yet more footage emerging of the terrifying tsunami which wiped out a large part of Japan’s eastern coastline, here’s some footage this time filmed on a ship which encountered the wave out at sea before it hit the mainland. The captain of the vessel had not choice but to take it straight on before it crested and capsized the ship.

Japan Is Now 13ft Further East.

Japanese coastline before and after the earthquake.

Following Friday’s enormous earthquake it appears that  Japan’s entire coastline has been moved four metres further East.

BBC News online are reporting that experts claim the magnitude of the earthquake was so large it not only moved Japan 13ft further east but also: “shifted Earth on its axis by about 6.5 inches (16.5cm) and caused the planet to rotate somewhat faster, shortening the length of the day by about 1.8 millionths of a second.”

If the images and stories coming out of Japan weren’t terrifying enough this fresh slice of nightmarish information will now be keeping us awake for some time. Full article HERE.

The Internet Throws Up Yet More Wonderful People.

As the death toll rises in Japan following the worst earthquake in their history and subsequent tsunami the world watches on in despair as heart breaking stories emerge from the disaster…well most of the world that is.

Sailing the high seas of the Internet is a wonderful job but just like everything in life it can get a little choppy out there and somewhat unpleasant. We’ve read and seen a lot of things on our cyber raids and journeys which we wish we hadn’t, but the screen grab below, pretty much takes the hate cake.

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This collection of vile and thoroughly hostile Facebook status comments exude animosity and revenge driven venom for not only the victims of this terrible tragedy but for Japan as a country. Why? Well Pearl Harbour of course. That’s right an act of war that happened nearly 70 years ago, regardless of the fact that most of the people caught up in this disaster weren’t even born back then. Really? This is how far we have come as a human race? If only these fucktards knew that they’re beloved games consoles come from that part of the world. (via Sometime Space)

UPDATE: Just to address the balance and prove that the Internet isn’t entirely populated with hate filled trolls, here’s some online reactions to those statements above and others like them on Buzzfeed.