The Happy Time Murders Isn’t Going To Be Your Ordinary Muppet Movie.

The above illustration is a piece of concept art for the future movie The Happy Time Murders which is being made by Brian Henson, co-chair of The Jim Henson Company.

In a recent interview with the entertainment press Brian explained that this film will see muppets co-exist with humans in a plotline full of sex and violence. Think Cool World spliced with Who Framed Roger Rabbit but with an R rating. None of the original Muppets will appear, or have any connection to this dark and mature movie, instead non-human characters will be created by the Henson Creature Shop, many from scratch. Very few solid details have been released about the plot but so far we know that it will focus on a muppet detective, (probably the small blue guy with the fag), hunting down a serial killer who’s targeting members ¬†of a ¬†famous 80s TV show called The Happytime Gang.

A release date is still to be set but expect this slice of puppet noir to hit cinemas next year.