Channel Four News Put The Past On Trial Last Night.

If you didn’t see it then here’s the first 30 mins of a sensational piece of British broadcasting journalism.

Channel Four news announced they were putting the past on trial by broadcasting a series of reports covering the North Wales care homes scandals, Hillsborough, Jimmy Savile, the freemasons and paedophile rings. Quite an unbelievable compendium of reports in what has to be a landmark moment in television journalism.

We can only hope that the momentum behind these stories doesn’t stall.

Comedian Jerry Sadowitz On Jimmy Savile Back In 1988.


(Above audio contains NSFW language)

If you’re not familiar with Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz and his work then that’s probably because he’s been banned from nearly every radio and TV station across the UK due to his controversial style of humour. In 2007 he was voted the 15th greatest stand-up comic on┬áChannel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and is an accomplished magician.

The audio above is an extract from one of his stand-up gigs, (location unknown), where he candidly refers to Sir Jimmy Savile as a ‘child bender’, before going on to explain that Savile’s charity work is ostensibly a protective jacket for him to wear if he’s ever caught, so that the public would never believe such claims.

Sadowitz actually states to his audience: ‘He may have fooled you, but not fucking me!’

This was back in 1988.