Star Wars Set Video Unveils X-Wing.

Director J J Abrams is back and once more he’s filmed a video on the set of the forthcoming Star Wars: Ep VII movie.

As some of you may recall he recently announced a contest where you could win a part in the movie and a tour of the set in London, this video is a basic update with an official description which rattles along like so:

In a special video message from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, director J.J. Abrams announces the creation of Star Wars: Force for Change, a brand new Star Wars initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm, in collaboration with Bad Robot, dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. The first Star Wars: Force for Change campaign will raise funds and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and its innovative projects benefitting children in need. 

Yeah enough with the information Abrams, let’s see that bloody X-Wing.

Alcatraz TV Series Looks Prisony.

Here’s the very brief trailer for Fox’s new sci-fi drama series Alcatraz ,which execs hope will plug that annoying gap which Lost left behind.

Produced by JJ Abrams and starring Sam Neill, Sarah Jones, Hurley from Lost and reads like an extended episode of Fringe:

 302 men go missing from the prison back in a foggy night in 1963 and for some unknown reason they return to the present day not a single day older. That’s when Hurley, who’s an Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast, (really?), is called upon who works with Det. Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) but shadowy government agent Emerson Huaser, (Sam Neill) tries to impede their investigation into the mystery.

Nothing adds to that edge-of-your-seat atmosphere of a mystery drama than having the lead characters root around in a musty basement full of boxed files for clues. Alcatraz is scheduled to air in the UK in January.


Hollywood To Make Robot Version Of Forrest Gump.

Many movie websites are reporting the news that director J.J. Abrams, (Spielberg Jnr), will be producing a sci-fi movie called Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel, based on a graphic novel comic of the same name.

What is Boilerplate?

Well, back in 2000 a chap called Peter Guinan designed a website detailing the faux history of a robot called Boilerplate, (which coincidentally reminded us of THIS), which was constructed in the late 19th century and took part and interacted with famous historical figures and events. On the site Peter posted up some clever photo-shopped images featuring the robot with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Pancho Villa. Some visitors, (devoted X Factor fans and Croc shoe wearers), actually believed the story and history of Bolierplate,  and the site became the centre of an unintentional hoax. In 2002 Peter gave an interview where he stated:

“Certainly I felt happy about having achieved my goal. I put this thing across as trying to be real, and people bought into it. So, that’s a success! But, as an amateur historian, I feel a responsibility to get the story right. So I felt bad about some of these people being hoaxed. It was a mixed bag.”

Well feel bad no more Peter, for your Internet photoshoppery and knowledge of the dark arts have won you a Hollywood movie deal. That’s right, millions of dollars are now to be spent making a Metal Mickey steampunk version of Forrest Gump, complete with actors fleshing out famous historical roles in a mesmerising story for the ages.


Begad! Trailer For Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The Interweb is apparently melting down quicker than a power station in Japan today thanks to the release of the first official trailer for the latest Mission Impossible film.

Why the big fuss? Well this installment is directed by a guy called Brad Bird who pretty much only directed animated films up until now including Pixar movies Ratatouille and The Incredibles and The Iron Giant for Warner Brothers. Ghost Protocol is also written by J.J. Abrams, (Cloverfield, Star Trek, Lost, Super 8), and stars Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Sawyer from Lost, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host from Slumdog Millionaire and unfortunately Tom Cruise.

The old 'turning round in mid-air, whilst falling from a tall building, to shoot back up at the bad guys', move.

The film’s official synopsis reads:

‘bang, bang, boom, pew, pew, pew, pew, (tom cruise running ridiculously fast for a man of his age), crack, wallop, cool gadget sequence, nice tits, fast car chase, grappling moves that sound like sheets flapping in the wind on the clothes line, more running, hushed toned delivery of cheesy one liners, a dash more tits, kablooey! !

Begad! Hunter Snaps Strange Creature On Camera.

Set kecks to scarecited! This image, which has fascinated the entire crew here, was allegedly taken by an anonymous hunter in Louisiana. He wants to remain anonymous for fear of people claiming that he’s a hoaxer. Apparently this humanoid lurker of a creature was snapped by the hunter’s deer camera which was set up on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The hunter claims that when he went to retrieve the camera the next morning he found it, along with his hide, in pieces. He took what was left of his camera home and managed to  download the pictures to his computer before screaming so loudly his trousers flew across his sitting room. This image has been burning up the Internet over the last few days and it could be one of three things:

1. A viral promotional picture of a Grim, for the up and coming PS3 alien invasion game Resistance 3.

2. A viral promotional still from the up and coming Steven Spielberg/JJ Abrams alien movie Super 8.

3. It’s real. Anyone want to buy a five man tent and some sleeping bags? We have no further use for them…ever!

N.B. Here’s a video of what some people online are claiming is the same hoax, a video taken by some hunters in Spain who claim they accidentally came a cross a similar looking creature in the woods.