Harry Potter Bully Caught With Homemade Bomb.

We haven’t seen a single Harry Potter movie. Does that make us better than you? Yes, yes it does. Putting our obvious superiority to one side this story is very much like a plot from a Harry Potter book. It involves dark arts, potions, wizardry and a crop of fiteen marijuana plants.

*record scratch*

Apparently 22 year-old Jamie Waylett, who plays bully boy Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies was arrested for looting and packing a homemade bomb during the London riots in August.  Waylett was caught stealing from a drugstore chemists while carrying a molotov cocktail which police maintain he was intending to use. He was identified by authorities from CCTV footage.

But the fantastical yarn does not end there good readers, for there is more, much, much more. On searching Waylett’s home police alledgedly siezed a crop of 15 marijuana plants, turns out this isn’t the first time the actor’s had a weed related brush with the law, back in 2009 he was arrested for growing 10 pot plants and was then sentenced to 120 hours community service. This time though Waylett could be facing a 14 year jail sentence…unless of course he blends some sneeze-wort, scurvy grass and loveage and gives it to the judge to drink before his case is heard.

*Straightens Sorting Hat on head. Turns to signed, framed picture of J.K. Rowling and blows a kiss*

(via TMZ)



World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan…Is Himself.

Apparently the real Harry Potter lives in a bedsit.

The video below aptly depicts the sole reason why we haven’t collectively published our manuscript here at HMS Friday. It’s an epic yarn involving young children in gowns, talking magical manatees, haunted opium dens and round after round of sticky iced buns. But we’re scared to find a publisher as we know the kind of manic hysteria it will create and how some people will take things a little too far and venture into that scary, slightly unnerving, obsessed to the point that they’ve lost touch with reality and have developed a strange accent kind of area. You know there’s a lot of advantages to being poor and undiscovered.

N.B. Apparently his fifth tattoo will read: I Will Always Live Alone. (In Latin, of course).