Trailer for Biggie Smalls Murder Movie City Of Lies.

Here’s the first official trailer for Johnny Depp’s new movie City Of Lies, co-starring Forest Whitaker and directed by Brad Furman, (The Lincoln Lawyer).

The movie is based on the Pulitzer nominated novel LAbyrinth by Randall Sullivan which examined the details surrounding the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G and the possible involvement of the Los Angeles police department in their deaths.

The trailer, like most these days, gives away a large portion of the plot which rattles along like so:

Former LAPD detective, Russell Poole joins forces with journalist Jack Jackson nearly two decades after the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. to find out the truth.

Many documentaries have been made theorising what happened and who was ultimately responsible for the deaths of these two young artists, but City Of Lies apparently only deals with the the case work of Poole. A man who unearthed a load of details and information about an alleged conspiracy involving the LAPD.

City Of Lies is scheduled for release on September 7th.



Avast! Trailer For Mortdecai.

Watch the official trailer for Johnny Depp’s new comedy Mortdecai above, but be quick as for some unknown reason Lionsgate keep pulling it from the Internet.

The film stars Depp as Charlie Mortdecai, (who looks to be channeling Terry Thomas for this role), an aristocratic art dealer who along with his man servant Jock Strapp, played by Paul Bettany, are racing to recover a stolen painting which could lead to Nazi gold.

Mortdecai was directed by David Koepp and is an adaptation of the Kyril Bonfiglioli books from the 1970s.


Avast! First Look At The Lone Ranger.

Here’s a first official look at Gore Verbinski’s much anticipated version of the Lone Ranger which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, Armie Hammer as John Reid the Lone Ranger , Helena Bonham Carter, Barry Pepper, William Fichtner and Tom Wilkinson.

For anyone doubting Verbinski’s ability to successfully direct a Western I would strongly advise you seek out his animated movie Rango.



Avast! Trailer For Dark Shadows.

We knew very little about this new Tim Burton film and even less about the 60s TV sitcom it’s based upon.

Johnny Depp continues his long time collaboration with director Tim Burton for their latest film Dark Shadows and if the trailer is anything to go by it looks like  Bettlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow have all been crammed into a gothic blender and whipped up into a frothy… black comedy which…is also Gothic…and tastes a bit like…Jesus H Christ where are we going with this?

*slams hand in drawer*

Right, this film looks like it has all the dark and quirky hallmarks of Burton’s previous works which we’re huge fans of and has a stellar supporting cast consisting of Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Johnny Lee Miller, Christopher Lee, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earl Haley and Alice Cooper. The plot for Dark Shadows rattles along like so:

n 1752, the Collins family sails from Liverpool, England to North America. The son, Barnabas, grows up to be a wealthy playboy in Collinsport, Maine and is the master of Collinwood Manor. He breaks the heart of a witch, Angelique Bouchard, who turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. In 1972, Barnabas is accidentally freed from his coffin and returns to find his once-magnificent manor in ruin. It is occupied by dysfunctional Collins descendants and other residents, all of whom have secrets.

Apparently the original 60s TV series which the film is largely based upon wasn’t played for laughs like the forthcoming movie and there were two unsuccessful attempts to revive the series, once in 1991, (which starred a 10 year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and a pilot episode in 2004 which never aired.

Before Third Rock From The Sun there was Dark Shadows.

Avast! Trailer For The Rum Diary.

At long bloody last! In what seems like an eternity the first official trailer for The Rum Diary has been released and as massive fans of the Hunter S Thompson book the movie is based upon it looks…well nothing remotely close to the book.

Starring Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi, Richard Jenkins, Amber Heard and Aaron Eckhart, it tells the story of Paul Kemp, an American journalist who arrives in Puerto Rico to write for The San Juan Star. Kemp begins the habit of drinking rum and becomes obsessed with a woman called Chenault, who just also happens to be the partner of a wealthy businessman.

So apart from retaining the lead character’s name and location pretty much everything else has been left out or made up. Don’t get us wrong this isn’t a fanboy rant it’s just that this looks like an extremely loose adaptation of the book:

The story involves a journalist named Paul Kemp, who moves from New York to work for a major newspaper, The Daily News, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Set in the late 1950s, the novel encompasses a tangled love story of jealousy, treachery and violent alcoholic lust among the Americans who staff the newspaper.Thompson himself traveled from New York to San Juan in 1960 to write for an ill-fated sports newspaper on the island. Thompson had unsuccessfully applied to work at the larger English-language daily called the San Juan Star while novelist William J. Kennedy was the editor. While in Puerto Rico, Thompson befriended many of the writers at the Star, providing the context for The Rum Diary’s fictional storyline.

There are two upsides to this though, Johnny Depp is back playing a spaced out nutcase which only he Jack Nicholson and Nick Nolte can do right and the movie’s directed by Bruce Robinson, who’s no stranger to debauched, hallucinogenic, insane material, (see Withnail And I).



Pirates Clip Proves McShane Was Born To Play Blackbeard.

Even though some critical swines have mentioned that the soon to be released latest installment in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise may be one movie too far, (if we ever find these blaggards we’ll take great delight in keelhauling them), we personally just can’t get enough.

A famous person once said: “There is no such thing as a bad pirate movie, do you know why? Because it’s a pirate movie”*

As you’ll see above Disney have released a clip of On Stranger Tides which shows Johnny Depp and Ian McShane in a Mexican/pirate stand off with each other and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that McShane was born to play the role of Blackbeard. Can’t wait to see what he’ll look like with lit fuses under his hat.

*Quote may have been entirely made up.


Avast! Pirates: On Stranger Tides Trailer.

Yes Depp is back. But there’s no Bloom or Knightly this time, instead they’ve been replaced with Ian McShane and Penelope Cruz. Excellent trade if you ask us. Usual fair on show here, ships, pirates, swordplay, witty one liners, zombie pirates, mermaids and a rather roached looking Keith Richards. Apparently Jack Sparrow finds himself on yet another unexpected adventure this time in search of the fountain of youth.

Pfft! Hollywood eh? They don’t have a clue what real pirates are like. We’ve been sailing the high seas all our lives and we don’t have a bandanna or a set of hair beads among us. *(adjusts Spongebob Squarepants rubber ring around waist)*

Depp had misinterpreted Jerry Bruckheimer's memo of 'pushing the boat out'.


Probably The Greatest Pic You’ll See All Week.

If Hermes, (Greek god of mischief), was an amateur photographer then this would definitely be one of his all time favourite snaps. The late Hunter S. Thompson holding a blow up sex doll in a convertible car with a rather weary looking John Cusack in the back seat and Johnny Depp at the wheel. The only way this photograph could get any cooler would be if they had former president George W Bush tied up in the trunk. Apparently the fun loving trio were leaving infamous night club The Viper Room after Hunter had been performing certain live readings. Beat that Charlie Sheen. (via I Heart Chaos)

That Ricky Gervais Monolouge From The Golden Globes.

We’re divided here at HMS Friday over the comedic talent of Ricky Gervais, half the crew think he’s a genius and the other half think he is far from it. But one thing’s for sure Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Cher, Charlie Sheen, Hugh Hefner and the cast of Sex And The City 2 won’t be sending him a Christmas card anytime soon.

That Gervais is one funny guy.