Crazy German In Woods Invents Machete Slingshot.

Headline says it all really. Taking nothing away from this gent his skills at putting slingshots together is impressive, but a slingshot that fires a machete? How long do you have to be left alone in the woods to think that one up?

Jörg Sprave is an accomplished slingshot maker, just briefly glancing over his blog will confirm this, but challenged by a fan to manufacture one which could fire a machete was something Sprave could not resist. In his own words:

Now a machete is a very heavy weapon, and strong rubber plus a very long draw was called for. This had to be a slingshot crossbow because the rubber has to be so strong that you can not draw it out with one hand. Also the danger of hitting the hand had to be considered.”

The results speak for themselves. Now if there’s any way the writing team can include this weapon into the second series of The Walking Dead our TV pants just might fly off across the room in excited anticipation.

This would be the first and sadly last time Tiddles appeared on a Sprave production.