Steve Martin Is A Bona Fide Comedy Legend.

Woah! Before you start spouting off about the Pink Panther remakes, Sgt Bilko, Cheaper By The Dozen, Housesitter, Baby Mama and a couple of other excruciatingly¬†unfunny movies he’s made over the last few years let us just remind you that he starred in The Jerk. That’s it, a sound and solid defence which rebuffs any and all criticism whilst at the same time completely absolves the man of all previous comedic crimes. He starred in The Jerk!

Outwith the Hollywood movie studios Steve Martin remains an exceptionally humorous and hilarious individual and thanks to a recent Twitter pic from film director Judd Apatow of a letter he recieved from the star when he was just a young boy, here are two other reasons why Steve Martin remains a bona fide comedy legend. Suck on that Dennis Pennis.

Exhibit A. Steve Martin’s personal business card:


Exhibit B. Steve Martin’s Twitter account:

Exhibit C. A personal letter he sent to film director and fellow funnyman Judd Apatow back in the late 70s/early 80s, when Apatow was just a young lad.

(via Uproxx)

Trailer For The Bridesmaids.

First of all let us just collectively push back our deck chairs for a moment to stand and applaud the sheer originality of the title of this film. Not content at confusing us enough as to what exactly this movie could be about Hollywood have gone and served up a trailer which not only reeks of The Hangover but also tastes somewhat Bachelor Partyesque. But wait there’s a twist. The entire cast, instead of men, are women.

*Deckchairs pushed back quicker than before. Crew rise to give raptious standing ovation*

Produced by Judd Apatow, he who has been clinging for dear life to his Superbad and Knocked Up fame, Bridesmaids tells the story of a collection of wacky, insecure, overweight, under loved, borderline alcoholic female characters, (of which there are no black women), who all embark upon a riotous hen weekend. Three quick tips¬† for any budding young comedy scriptwriters out there, when writing a road trip style movie, for any gender, always have at least one grotesque, overweight character who has no control over bodily functions or their inappropriate thoughts, always, (can’t stress this one enough), always have a hilarious scene where one of your characters accidentally ingests either a drug or food which has an adverse effect on them and never forget to pepper the entire movie with silent awkward pauses. Comedy gold!

Look it's Roy from The IT Crowd. Look at his wee face.