Justice Music Video Should Be A Movie.

I’m a massive fan of the French electro group Justice and this new music video for their track New Lands, taken from their album Audio, Video, Disco, is nothing short of amazing.

Directed by Canada the video is a hybrid of Any Given Sunday, North Dallas Forty and Rollerball and features a futuristic game blending baseball, roller derby and American football to fantastic effect. I doubt it will be long before some A-List Hollywood director decides to use this video as ‘inspiration’ for a similarly themed movie.


Justice On A Friday Morning.

We recently purchased the new Justice album, Audio, Video, Disco and boy were we glad we did.

What an uplifting collection of songs to get your blood pumping when you can’t find the industrial strength coffee in the office. By the duo’s own admission this album isn’t anywhere near as dark and grimy as Cross, they’ve described this new material as ‘daytime music‘ and there’s a definite metal flavour to the proceedings with a few tracks sounding like long forgotten 70’s arena rock anthems, but those crafty two Frenchmen definitely know how to mix together a tune.