Avast! Trailer For The Point Break Remake.

Above is the first official trailer for the wholly uneccesary Point Break remake and although it looks actiony and sweaty enough it sadly seems to be lacking in something.

Directed by Ericson Cove, (Invincible), this time around Johnny Utah, played by Luke Bracey, (The November Man) takes on an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists led by the enigmatic Bodhi, played Edgar Ramirez, (The Bourne Ultimatum).

Sounds like Ray Winstone, who plays Angelo Pappas, a role originally fleshed out by Gary Busey, has been attending the Dick Van Dyke School of movie accents. Terrible.

Point Break is scheduled for release on Christmas Day.



Avast! Trailer For 47 Ronin.

Here’s the UK trailer for the Keanu Reeves samurai movie 47 Ronin.¬†Directed by Carl Rinsch (The Gift) and written by Chris Morgan (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6) and Hossein Amini (Snow White & the Huntsman),…oh dear, this doesn’t bode well…the movie centres around a group of¬†warriors who aim to avenge their master’s death

I didn’t know that the music of Skrillex was so popular in the 18th century.

BBC Ask Keanu: ‘How Sad Are You?

Let’s get this out of the way before we even start. We are unapologetic fans of the actor Keanu Reeves. Yes, he may at times appear wooden and somewhat out of place in movies but the man does have a certain charisma. Recently the actor has appeared on the internet as a somewhat ‘sad’ person, an individual burdened with great tragedy, largely due to a picture, (below), which emerged of him contemplating a sandwich. Of course the internet had some fun with the image and so the rumour of the actor’s unhappiness began to spread. Bearing all this in mind and knowing full well that one captured image of a person doesn’t accurately portray everything about them as a human being, you obviously wouldn’t ask the man in person if he was actually sad. That would be a little too personal a question to pose, nor would you then continue to ask Keanu how he feels about being portrayed as a sad character on the internet because that would just make your whole encounter with the actor uncomfortable and awkward. Unless of course you work for the BBC, in that case it’s fucking open season on Mr Reeves and you can make things as uncomfortable as you like by poking and proding his inner psyche like it were an Eastern European porn star.

N.B. The squirming begins at 3.15.

“Have you heard what they’re saying about you on the internet Keanu? They’re saying you’re sad. They’re saying you aren’t happy and that you look like a very tragic person? How do you feel about that Keanu? What’s it like to be a person who other people view as being sad? What’s that like? What does that feel like? Can you explain how that makes you feel? On a scale of one to ten Keanu how sad would you say you are? Really? Because people on the internet are saying you’re easily a ten. Must be uncomfortable for you talk about such a subject live on TV in front of millions of viewers? What’s that like? What does that feel like? Can you explain how that makes you feel? On a scale of one to ten Keanu how uncomfortable would you say you are right now on live TV in front of millions of viewers, talking about how sad other people see you? Keanu? Keanu?