Sweary McSmokerson Usually Doesn’t Drink.


We have no idea who Audrina Partridge is, but after sailing through many pop culture websites we discovered she’s some sort of American television personality. In other words yet another vacuous, ex-reality TV star devoid of  talent.  The reason she came to our attention was due to the video above of her drunk as a skunk, poop mouth mother who was filmed by the paparazzi celebrity photo journalists outside a nightclub in LA, continually insisting that her ‘baby girl is gonna kick ass becasue she’s a f**king star. Before letting it slip that she and her daughter are to star in their very own reality series together.  White trash parents living off their siblings undeserved financial success on shitty, pre-scripted, so-called reality TV programmes. Is this what it has come to? Bargain basement.