Thanks For Getting Cancer At Ground Zero Here’s A Check For $0.

A Ground Zero worker who contracted cancer after he removed toxic debris from the World Financial Center, following the 9/11 attacks, has just been awarded a compensation check for $0.

51 year-old Edgar Galvis cleaned the offices of Merrill Lynch following the terrorist attacks on Sept 11th and spent 16 hours a day for six months removing debris which was covered with harmful toxins, with nothing more than a paper mask and suit for protection which ripped every time Galvis broke a sweat.

In May 2005 suffering from severe sinus problems Galvis was advised by a friend to contact a law firm for compensation he was then approached by a representative for Worby, Groner, Edelman & Napoli Bern who suggested he take legal action with the prospect that he could win millions of dollars if he won his case.

Unfortunately for Galvis his sinus problems worsened and he developed throat cancer but in April 2010 he got the news that his compensation claim had been successful but he would only be receiving $10,000, the horrible reality of the situation was that he ended up receiving a check in the mail for $0 after his law firm took the lot in legal fees. Just to rub salt into the wound they attached a note to the check which said: “It was a pleasure to represent you in this matter.”

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