The Outrageous Arnie/Lord Lucan Conspiracy Theory.

I crushed his little British head with just my bicep.

There are a shit ton of conspiracy theories floating around the Internet some are undeniably thought provoking, yet sadly for us more than most are the work of basement dwellers who prefer to wear hats fashioned out of tin foil.

But the one conspiracy theory which has currently been doing the Internet rounds and has hooked the entire crew, (possibly along with line and sinker), is the one which claims Hollywood muscleman and ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger murdered British peer Lord Lucan back in 1974.

You know the one where during his time in London perfecting his physique Arnie worked on the side as hired muscle collecting gambling debts and that Lucan hired him to kill his wife to get his house back due to his own gambling problem, in return for some help securing the Austrian an American green card, but just like the plot of Fargo things went a little pear shaped?

Yes, we too had to mop up sprayed tea from our keyboards because no way in hell could there ever be any truth in such an outlandish and ridiculous claim…could there? Read about the theory HERE.

via (Viceland)