Netflix Is Now Available In The UK.

If you happen to own a PS3, Xbox 360 or even a Nintendo Wii you might have noticed an unfamiliar addition to your dashboard, the Netflix streaming app, which allows you to watch movies instantly through your games console or PC.

Basically Netflix is like Lovefilm except for the fact that they don’t let you rent DVDs by post, instead you can watch them instantly through their streaming service on your TV or PC for as little as £5.99 a month. Like most new company start ups in this country your first month’s subscription is free so we jumped at the chance to try out their service. We could write an article reviewing exactly what kind of game changing elements Netflix are bringing to the table and that the days of renting DVDs may well and truly be a thing of the past, but our good friend Grahame Gallacher has already penned an in-depth article.

If you want to know exactly what Netflix are offering and how their service holds up against other established UK movie rental services then head over to Past The Pixels and read Grahame’s excellent online article.


Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

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Amazon Now Own Lovefilm.

British based online movie and game rental company Lovefilm have just announced this morning that they have been bought up by e-commerce behemoth Amazon in a reported £200m deal. Amazon already owned 42% of the company and today they managed to secure the entire operation. A few of the crew here are paid up members of Lovefilm, they signed up to the service in protest out of the rather extortionate rental fees Blockbuster were charging, and are slightly confused as to what the buy up means. But the company have assured all of their customers that nothing will effect or change membership.

A letter to members on their website reads:

“We wanted you to be amongst the first to know of an exciting development here at LOVEFiLM HQ. Amazon, the world famous online retailer, has decided to fully acquire LOVEFiLM, because of the great potential they see in our service, and how it might develop in the future.

Most importantly we hear you ask, what does this mean for you?

There’s nothing to worry about… nothing will change to your account. You do not have to do anything, your service remains as normal. The price you pay, your billing date, the terms and conditions of your service will remain unchanged. And your service will still be called LOVEFiLM.

And in the future?

Well your existing LOVEFiLM team will stay in place and together with the guys at Amazon, we are planning some exciting new developments for the future of LOVEFiLM. We’ll keep you updated…”

Could this deal signal the end of Blockbuster and other high street video rental outlets in the UK?