Mad Men Characters Have Been Archer-ized.

With the fifth series of Mad Men due to air in the UK tonight on Sky Atlantic at 9pm, here’s a fitting tribute from the always brilliant artist John Defreest. Don Draper, Joan Harris and Roger Sterling re-imagined as characters from the hilarious animated series Archer.

(via John Defreest)

Mad Men 5 Teasers – Don & Roger Are Back.

If like us you can’t wait for the suave silver tongued cavalier Don Draper to return to your small screen then take a quick peek at these two teaser trailers for the fifth series of the multi-award winning Mad Men.

As you’ll see all the elements that made the series a resounding success are still in place, smoking, sex, drinking, smoking, scandal, sex, fashion and smoking. Nothing is as much fun as watching Mr Draper gleefully ride that shiny Helter┬áSkelter of debauchery and self loathing further down into his own personal abyss. The new series will air on Sky Atlantic here in the UK on March 27th with a special double bill opener.