Conan Thrills The Ladies With His Magic Mike Moves.

Regular readers of this website, (yes, all two of you), will know we’re massive fans of US chat show host Conan O’Brien and in particular the videos he makes.

His latest addition might just be his best yet, which sees him attempt to recreate scenes from the recently released male stripper movie Magic Mike XXL, in front of his assistant and her friends as they prepare to got to the cinema and watch the movie.

He really is the king of making people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Avast! Trailer For Magic Mike.

It’s been 15 years since The Full Monty became an International hit movie  after which very few male stripper films were made. Warner Brothers are hoping that their up and coming release Magic Mike will successfully plug that male stripper genre hole, with a big meaty length of Hollywood talent.

Directed by Steve Soderbergh it stars Channing Tatum and is loosely based on the actor’s own experiences of becoming a male stripper at the age of 19. In the film Tatum plays veteran stripper Magic Mike who teaches a novice about the occupation while seeking a lifestyle outside the world of stripping with the help of his protégé’s sister. They work at the club Xquisite, (nice erotic themed wordplay), which is owned by the former stripper Dallas played by Matthew McConaughey. The telephone conversation between McConaughey and his agent must have went something like this:

McConaughey’s Agent: Hey Matt, there’s a film coming up with Steve Soderbergh that I think you should take a look at.

McConaughey: Not interested Amigo.

McConaughey’s Agent: It’s called Magic Mike.

McConaughey: Like I said Compadre. Not interested.

McConaughey’s Agent: You’d have your shirt off for almost the entire movie. Like you did for Fools Gold and Sahara and Reign Of Fire and…

McConaughey: Alright, alright, alright.