Ripe For A Remake #1: Simon & Simon.

This here’s a new feature aboard our fine Internet faring vessel, where the crew cherry pick an old movie or TV series which they think would be perfect for a remake. This week we look at the 80s classic Simon & Simon.

Starring Gerald McRaney (Jericho, One Tree Hill, the A-Team remake) and Jameson Parker, (The Bell Jar, White Dog), as two brothers, the complete polar opposite of each other, who go into business together running a private investigation firm out of San Diego.

Rick, the older Simon brother, is a stetson wearing, Vietnam veteran who loves beer, bikini clad women and his powered up pick-up truck, whereas AJ went to college, invested his money, wears suits, is well read and drives a shiny sports car. At work  AJ does everything by the book whereas Rick prefers a more unconventional approach to solving cases. Their differences even went as far as their preferred weapon of choice with Rick obviously settling for the bigger hand cannon of the two, a .44 Magnum.

Apart from having a catchy, breezy theme tune the series also had two crossover episodes with Magnum P.I.

The constant arguing and conflicting banter between the two lead characters is what really made this series a success. This premise alone merits a movie remake probably with the likes of Sam Rockwell or Timothy Oliphant in the role of the redneck Rick and Bradley Cooper or even Ryan Reynolds as the dapper AJ. We can only hope.