French Runner Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad Is Everyone’s Least Favourite Athlete.

French athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad could be facing some form of disciplinary action ahead of the London Olympics. The runner won the¬†European Championship’s 3000 metre steeplechase in Helsinki on Sunday and instead of celebrating or even catching his breath he approached the championship’s mascot ‘Appy’, smacked a gift bag from the mascot’s hands and shoved the mascot backwards.

The mascot suit was being worn by a 14 year-old girl and now the 27 year-old athlete is set to face the wrath of championship organisers who were furious at Benabbad’s actions. Of course this isn’t the first time the runner has courted controversy in 2010 he won the same race, this time in Barcelona, and once again approached a track mascot asked the person inside to kneel before him before pushing the mascot to the ground, (see video below) and just last year the Frenchman was involved in a track-side bust-up between team mate Mehdi Baala where a series of punches and a headbutt all completely missed their targets in a hilarious display of petulance.