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Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Stuff which what we found interestin’.



There are calls for the arrest of Hilary Mantel after she wrote a book entitled The Assassination Of Margaret Thatcher (Guardian)

Steam is to get a massive overhaul (Kotaku)

Trigger happy cop shots man after asking to see his licence – (Gawker)

The Escape From NY remake might now become a trilogy…please God, no! (Sequels Prequels)


After the Scottish referendum it appears the UK economy is nothing more than a ticking timebomb (Scotsman)

46 amazing life hacks (Epic Dash)

Charlie Brooker details excatly why Apple products are shit. (Guardian)

Fear & Loathing In Las vegas tribute t-shirt ‘Swedish Fireball Motorcycle Co.’ (Stealthy Giant)

Security guard in Uganda tries Oculus Rift glasses for the very first time.

The Iron Lady Reviewed By Lights Camera Jackson.

(The Iron Lady Review starts at 1.48)

Above is the online video review, from a young man known only as Lights Camera Jackson, for the recently released Meryl Streep movie The Iron Lady, which bagged the actress an Oscar this year for her portrayl of Satan himself, Margaret Thatcher.

Lights Camera Jackson is a self titled ‘kid critic‘ who has caught the attention of Jay Leno and has been nominated for two New York Emmy awards. Of course he isn’t everyone’s cup-o-tea and if being told by a 13 year-old American boy, sporting a bum fluff moustache, who was born eight full years after Margaret Thatcher had wreaked havoc across this country, that she was a person who was ‘really inspiring‘ wasn’t jarring enough, then his nitrous oxide induced enthusiasm for this flick will have you spewing bile.

According to Lights Camera Jackson, Thatcher:

‘…fought hard for England.’

Oh hello there Lights Camera Jackson, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Geography Globe MacKenzie.