Six Year Old Scottish Drama To Be Major US Series.

This is a strange one indeed. Back in 2006 I remember thoroughly enjoying a BBC detective mini-series entitled Low Winter Sun. It was unashamedly Scottish in its grit and tone and at times was a tad gruelling for the viewer, but the major plotline rattled along like so:

Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) is a law abiding detective at Blackmoss CID in Edinburgh. When his girlfriend Sinada goes missing, his colleague Joe Geddes informs him that his corrupt partner Brendan McCann has murdered her and so Agnew, with Geddes’ help, takes revenge. 

Fast forward six years and American TV channel AMC have the rights to the series and have filmed a remake only this time instead of Edinburgh, Frank Agnew is now a troubled detective out for revenge on the streets of Detroit. Most of the characters in the original have been retained, (albeit played by different actors), with actor Mark Strong returning as the lead once more. Although I’ll doubt he’ll keep the Scottish accent. Apparently AMC have ordered 10 hour long episodes for the first season which means the original plot of the BBC two-parter will either be stretched beyond capacity or there will be a lot more filler, which might not necessarily be a good thing.




Avast! Trailer For The Guard!

We’ve been fans of Brendan Gleeson ever since he appeared in a forgotten gem of a movie in 1997 called I Went Down, where he played erratic gangster Bunny Kelly to hilarious effect. So it’s nice to see the big man churn out another role in a similar Irish black comedy about crime.

The Guard also stars Don Cheadle and Mark Strong and early word suggests that the film is a riot, with some critics hinting that Gleeson may get a nod from the Academy next year for his role as an unorthodox Irish policeman with a confrontational personality, who is teamed up with an uptight FBI agent to investigate an international drug-smuggling ring.