Self Lacing Back To The Future Footwear Could Be A Reality.

Holy Schnikes! Remember that bit in Back To The Future II where Marty McFly tries on some futuristic trainers and they lace up themselves? No? Oh for Christ’s sake!.

Ok, well it turns out Nike may be ready to launch the world’s first ever range of footwear with ‘power laces‘. It’s already common knowledge that Nike patented the technology last year but many people were sceptical the shoes would ever see the light of day. Until that is Back To The Future producer Frank Marshall recently tweeted this:

“Something big is coming soon. Can’t say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny. #BTTF”

Followed by:

“Going to need a lot of hover boards.”

This cryptic announcement coupled with a batch of limited edition invitations sent out by Nike to only a select few for their new product the Nike Air Mag sneaker, (the exact name of the shoes featured in the film), suggests that we are only a few years away from hoover boards, (yet still no jet packs). Marshall also posted this promo video entitled McFly’s Closet, which has sent the online fanboys into a dribbling tizzy.

Great Scott!

*keeps an eye out for a Volkswagon camper van full of armed Iranians*

(via Live For Films)

Which reminds us. This special social network/movie tribute themed t-shirt that our good friends have over at the DOFC, (Dept Of Fashion Corrections), is a nice little tie in with all things Back To The Future. Click on the pic for more details.