Meat Loaf May Be A Dick!

We try like hell not to post anything on the main deck related to reality television, especially when so-called celebrities are involved. But we couldn’t avoid this clip from the American version of Celebrity Apprentice involving a complete meltdown by rocker Meat Loaf, who is so incensed at Gary Busey that even his bitch tits look angry, (although the big man stays true to his word and doesn’t once mention Fight Club).

From what we can understand from this clip Meat Loaf turns into a bat from hell because he believes Gary Busey stole his paint, which he needs for some mundane task. A few minutes after threatening and accussing Gary a team member finds Meat’s bag with all his paints inside. Apology from meat? Not even a hint.

You know you really screwed the pooch when the sanest one in the room is Gary Busey.