Mad Max: Fury Road T-Shirt Giveaway.

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We’ve teamed up with the excellent movie tribute t-shirt website Stealthy Giant to promote the launch of their new  t-shirt the Hi-Octane Universal Donor, inspired by the movie Mad Max: Fury Road , (featured above).

It comes with a replica of the Immortan Joe’s Skull Logo printed on the front left breast and has the full text of the tattoo which was forcibly grafted onto Max in the movie, as an upside down back-print.

To be in with a chance of winning this t-shirt in a size of your choosing simply click onto Stealthy Giant’s Facebook page HERE and like and share their give-away post.

Alternatively you can now purchase the Hi-Octane Universal Donor t-shirt from their main website HERE.

Oh what a lovely day!

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Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Stuff which what we found interestin’.


Earth has been getting warmer a lot quicker than we first thought – (Gizmodo)

A spider spun a six foot long web in front a pensioner’s garage door in England – (Hungeree)

According to our ancestors we just aren’t sleeping the way we ought to be – (Mind Unleashed)


Birmingham couple claim to have snapped the ghost of Dudley Castle – (ITV News)

The infamous Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes exercise – (H2G2)

Robert Downey Jnr will only do Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson directs – (Sequels Prequels)



Sneaky Mad Max 4 Footage.

Here’s some sneaky footage from Namibia of some amazing looking vehicles in action which are set to feature in Mad Max: Road Fury. From the initial appearance of these cars it appears George Miller is steering the movie towards the original apocalyptic look and feel of Road Warrior.

What we do know is filming wrapped on December and this footage is apparently from extra scenes Miller planned on shooting. Apparently the rest of 2013 will be taken up CGI work and converting the movie into twat dazzling 3D, (which is a shame), with a planned end of year release.

The good news is Miller has shot two movies back-to-back, this one and Mad Max: Furiosa and Mel Gibson has a cameo role in the first credited only as ‘Drifter’.

Avast! Trailer For Mel Gibson’s Get The Gringo.

Yes, your favourite angry, bigoted racist is back and boy is he tooled up with witty one liners and guns.

The trailer above is for Mel Gibson’s latest movie Get The Gringo which should have been retitled Payback 2: Porter Goes South. From what we can gather the film deals with a career criminal who, on the run from American law enforcement, literally crashes over the Mexican border only to be imprisoned in a sweaty, crowded, dangerous jail. But help is at hand in the form of a nine year-old street wise Bear Grylls who teaches Gibson’s character the mystical art of surviving in a hell hole, pickpocketing, avoiding male rape, burning pubic lice off with paraffin.

God, we’d hate to live in Mexico according to Hollywood it’s like one big hot, apocalyptic wasteland and we all know that Hollywood is never wrong.

Double boom boom muthafucka!


HMS Friday’s Link Booty.

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Weird Al Yankovic wages war on bad grammar.

Cola which is flavoured with medicinal marijuana goes on sale in the States (via Boing Boing)

A list of the top 40 greedy bastards earners in Hollywood over 2010 (via Slash Film)

A producer for the TV series Survivor may have murdered his wife (Via People)

Jeremy Paxman is off da chain. First he dropped the C-bomb on live TV…

…and now he’s sent out his last Newsnight daily e-mail because he thinks its ‘crap’ (via Anorak News)

Ten action figures you will never own…and if you do then hang your head in shame (via Topless Robot)

List of the 25 best casual games available for gamers and non-gamers out there (via UGO)

Footage of a UFO in Israel.Yet another reason to fill that bath. They are coming and you better be prepared.

Hollywood actress Halle Berry may be related to Mel Gibson (via WWTDD)

Japanese scientists train dogs to sniff out cancer in patients…by smelling their arses (via I Heart Chaos)