Avast! Trailer For Men In Black 3

It’s been ten years since the last one but now Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith return as the Men In Black once more under the direction of Barry Sonnenfeld.

This movie has been plagued with problems, from Alec Baldwin dropping out due to scheduling issues to a bloated budget of $200M due to delays in production. Steven Spielberg resumes his executive producer role and a supplementary cast made up of Rip Torn, Jermaine Clement, (Flight Of The Conchords), Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin all can’t excuse the fact that former Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger is Will Smith’s love interest. Really? Nicole Scherzinger?

The plot rattles around like so:

Agent J, (Smith), is bouncing around getting alien shit done with Agent K, (Jones), when KABLAMOO, Agent K mysteriously disappears. Next thing J is on the roof of the Chrysler building with some comic book nerd who gives him this fucking time machine watch and tells him to jump off the building and he’ll go back in time to 1969. J is like all ‘fuckdat shit’, but does it anyway and KABLAMOO, he finds himself back in 1969, Marty McFly style, right next to a younger, Don Draper looking K. 

A budget of $200m and this is the best alien costume they could come up with?