The Iron Lady Reviewed By Lights Camera Jackson.

(The Iron Lady Review starts at 1.48)

Above is the online video review, from a young man known only as Lights Camera Jackson, for the recently released Meryl Streep movie The Iron Lady, which bagged the actress an Oscar this year for her portrayl of Satan himself, Margaret Thatcher.

Lights Camera Jackson is a self titled ‘kid critic‘ who has caught the attention of Jay Leno and has been nominated for two New York Emmy awards. Of course he isn’t everyone’s cup-o-tea and if being told by a 13 year-old American boy, sporting a bum fluff moustache, who was born eight full years after Margaret Thatcher had wreaked havoc across this country, that she was a person who was ‘really inspiring‘ wasn’t jarring enough, then his nitrous oxide induced enthusiasm for this flick will have you spewing bile.

According to Lights Camera Jackson, Thatcher:

‘…fought hard for England.’

Oh hello there Lights Camera Jackson, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Geography Globe MacKenzie.

Our Bitesize Sherlock Holmes 2 Review.

Go see it. Simple as that.

It has action, great humour, the attention to detail for a period piece of this scale is fantastic, the chemistry between Downey Jnr and Law is more solid than the first and the cinematography is outstanding.

Sure it has some faults, a major villian just seems to vanish with no conclusion to his story and slow motion sequences are used a little too much, but for the most this is Indiana Jones in a top hat and tails or James Bond in a flat cap and tweed suit. In a year crowded with poor sequels and downright bad movies Sherlock Holmes 2: Game Of Shadows thankfully delivers the goods.

Sea State: Spray/Foam


Happy Star Wars Day.

Yes it’s pathetic, we know, but today is indeed Star Wars Day an unofficial holiday organised by rabid fans of the movie franchise.

Why today? Well because it is the fourth and as every self respecting virgin fan will tell you: ‘May the fourth be with you.’ See what they did there? That play on words actually has more smarts than the entire three Star Wars prequels.

In honour of such an auspicious occasion we’ve decided to post up what we consider to be the greatest and most in-depth analysis review of The Phantom Menace. This satirical critique which holds no punches thanks to it’s unique and rather dark blend of humour throughout, was created by Red Letter Media and compiled by a seriously disturbed character known as Plinkett. Some people argue that if it wasn’t for the collective movie car crash that was the Star Wars prequels the world would have been denied these hilarious reviews. We have to agree.

If you enjoyed the Phantom Menace analysis below and would like to see the ones for Episode II and III then chart a course for HERE.
Part One

Part Two


HMS Friday’s Review Of Tron:Legacy.

Don’t waste your money and spend those two hours doing something more important and infinitely more exciting than sitting on your arse with silly glasses on in the dark watching this boring, instantly forgettable, poorly scripted, boring, badly acted, confusing technological mess of a $150 million movie. You may disagree of course…did we mention that this film was also boring?