Afternoon Doubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Plastic surgery is never a good idea.

Here’s the full readable script for the silent movie The Artist, which lifted five awards last night – (

The history of the infamous Moss Man – (Mysterious Universe)

Wuthering Heights actor sectioned under the Mental Health Act – (BBC News)

The enviro friendly kids movie The Lorax is advertising SUVs – (Slashfilm)

Maine’s largest lobster will snap right through your arms – (MSNBC)

The fascinating Hollywood tale of Sean Connery, Lana Turner and the murder of Johnny Stompanato – (Badass Digest)

There’s a new drug on the streets called Love Boat. Here’s what you need to know about it. – (I09)

Magneto Jnr.

A family in Serbia are claiming that their seven year-old son is naturally magnetic. Bogdon, who apparently can’t go near electrical devices because his magnetism turns them off, was shown on a news report by MSNBC demonstrating his unique ability. Cutlery, microphones, pots and a TV remote were all stuck to the boy’s body much to the kid’s delight.

The only way this story could get any better would be if Bogdon revealed his best friend was a paraplegic boy called Charles who was telepathic.

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