Lulu: 30 Second Clips From Metallica & Lou Reed’s Collaboration Album. Lulu (30-second Samples) by Lou Reed & Metallica

We used to love Metallica, emphasis on ‘used‘. This new collaborative album they’ve produced with warbler Lou Reed is, in our own humble opinion, the equivalent of having battery acid poured into your ear holes and then having them raped by Charlie Sheen. We can categorically say we haven’t had the displeasure of listening to such pretentious bollocks since Lars Ulrich first formed a sentence.

Here’s a collection of 30 second audio sample clips from the new album which sounds like your drunk 58 year Uncle singing at your wedding. The second track on this sample board, (The View), is in it’s entirety. Lulu contains songs composed for a play called of the same name—a theatrical production of two plays originally written by the German playwright Frank Wedekind.

Brown Thunder would have been a much better title for this album.


Beyonce May Be A Thief.

Shocking isn’t it? The singer who has been described as ‘original’ and ‘unique’, (others may describe her as ‘manufactured‘, ‘untalented‘ and ‘over-hyped‘), may in fact be guilty of plagiarising other people’s work and creativity to benefit her over paid career.

Her new music video for her song Countdown has been criticised for being almost exactly like the movies of Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. See for yourself in the video above.

Obviously this isn’t the first time an ‘artist’ has been caught pinching other folk’s intellectual property and it certainly won’t be the last, but that doesn’t make it right. Jesus, with all the resources, money and people behind this woman was this the best they could come up with? Oh wait, they’re calling it an ‘homage‘, panic over, no crime committed here.

We’re off now to ‘homage‘ our local bank!


They Might Be Giants Video With a Brawling Rip Torn.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen anything from alternative rock band They Might Be Giants, but like everything in life, good things come to those who wait.

Their latest track Can’t Keep Johnny Down has a music video featuring a street fighting 80 year-old Rip Torn, (Men In Black, Dodgeball), who indulges in a bout of bar knuckle boxing in a derelict warehouse. Which inadvertently reminded us of the reason we harbour a love for the actor, that infamous, insane brawl he had with writer/director Norman Mailer on the set of the movie Maidstone back in 1970.

The abridged version of the encounter was that Torn, unhappy with Mailer’s direction on the set of the film, struck him on the head with a hammer and as the camera rolled Mailer in response sank his teeth into Torn’s ear. To this day no-one can say for certain if the fight was genuine or staged, you can watch the whole bizarre affair below:

The unpredictable behaviour and at times genuine madness which Torn seems to be either blessed or cursed with has always been the attraction for us. Here’s just another small reason why Rip Torn continues to fascinate. This report was taken from a news story first published on January 29th, 2010:

Rip Torn was so intoxicated when he broke into a Connecticut bank carrying a loaded gun that he thought he was home, taking off his hat and boots and leaving them by the door, according to court records.
He is expected to enter an alcohol rehabilitation center in New York as early as Tuesday, according to his attorney.
The “Men in Black” actor is accused of breaking into the Litchfield Bancorp branch through a window Friday night in Salisbury, where officers responding to an alarm found him wandering in the lobby and nearly incoherent.
According to court records, Torn was disoriented, reeked of alcohol and asked the state police troopers repeatedly why they were taking him out of his home.
“Obviously, he wasn’t there intending to commit a crime, in my estimation,” Waterfall said.
Officers found a loaded .22-caliber revolver in Torn’s pocket, according to court records, and a breath test showed his blood-alcohol content as 0.203 percent — more than twice the 0.08 legal limit for driving in Connecticut.



Susan Boyle Covers Depeche Mode

We really can’t be f@cked listening or contributing to the staid, generic abuse singer Susan Boyle seems to come under everytime her name is metioned. Yeah, she’s an easy target, we get it but there’s only so many jokes you can crack at the expense of a woman who quite clearly never had it easy in her life, before the funny packs it’s case and leaves.

With that little morose rant out of the way here’s Susan Boyle’s cover of Depeche Mode’s famous song Enjoy The Silence. Not too shabby at all.

Music Video For Stampede Is A First Person Riot.

The music video above, for band Biting Elbows latest single Stampede, is a clever mix of first-person-shooter spliced with the themes and stylings of the game Mirror’s Edge and the movie Strange Days.

The video was put together by the band and their friend Sergei Valyae, who is a parkour specialist. They explain on their official website Biting Elbows that:

We got actor Andrei Dementiev, whom I’ve worked with on TV before as a special guest and he put up with having to wear the mustache while we got our act in order. So, a big thanks goes out to his patience. I must also bow down to Anatoly and Ivan, who organized the shoot on the luxurious boat, and a HUGE thanks to all of the volunteers who spent hours on hot roofs and stuffy offices. We’ve had a blast making it, and I know you’ll have a blast watching it. Enjoy!

(Via The Awesomer)


Avril Lavigne Likes To Advertise Stuff.

Above is the truly awful music video for Avril Lavigne’s equally awful new single What The Hell. If the sound of this ineffectual pop trite wasn’t bad enough it appears that the singer has decided to collect together as many companies as she can to use her video for some shameless product placements, including cameras, TVs, laptops, perfumes not to mention one for her own new line of clothing Abbey Dawn. Don’t ask us how we know this shit, we’re too ashamed to tell you.

Yes Avril , we were thinking exactly the same thing.