Music Video For Stampede Is A First Person Riot.

The music video above, for band Biting Elbows latest single Stampede, is a clever mix of first-person-shooter spliced with the themes and stylings of the game Mirror’s Edge and the movie Strange Days.

The video was put together by the band and their friend Sergei Valyae, who is a parkour specialist. They explain on their official website Biting Elbows that:

We got actor Andrei Dementiev, whom I’ve worked with on TV before as a special guest and he put up with having to wear the mustache while we got our act in order. So, a big thanks goes out to his patience. I must also bow down to Anatoly and Ivan, who organized the shoot on the luxurious boat, and a HUGE thanks to all of the volunteers who spent hours on hot roofs and stuffy offices. We’ve had a blast making it, and I know you’ll have a blast watching it. Enjoy!

(Via The Awesomer)


Avril Lavigne Likes To Advertise Stuff.

Above is the truly awful music video for Avril Lavigne’s equally awful new single What The Hell. If the sound of this ineffectual pop trite wasn’t bad enough it appears that the singer has decided to collect together as many companies as she can to use her video for some shameless product placements, including cameras, TVs, laptops, perfumes not to mention one for her own new line of clothing Abbey Dawn. Don’t ask us how we know this shit, we’re too ashamed to tell you.

Yes Avril , we were thinking exactly the same thing.