Andrea Bocelli’s Duet With His Son Will Give You Chills.

Italian singer Andrea Bocelli has released a new song which has pretty much made most of the internet weep.

Bocelli, who was born blind, has joined forces with his 20 year-old talented son, Matteo Bocelli, to sing a moving duet entitled ‘Fall On Me’, which has accumulated almost three million views on YouTube in only five days.

A man who has never been able to see his own son, singing in perfect harmony with him is probably the most emotional thing you’ll experience on the internet this week.

Is there someone cutting onions in this room?

Gilbert Gottfried Reads The Lyrics for ‘Fancy’.

Ever wondered how the Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” song would sound if the lyrics were read out by comedian Gilbert Gottfried?

Nope, we never either but thanks to the Internet Slate has put this weird concoction together for your listening pleasure.

(via Slate)

MIA’s New Music Video Bad Girls.

The video above is for M.I.A.’s latest single Bad Girls and it’s currently getting just as much attention online as their last collaboration with French film director Romain Gavras when they made the controversial and intense music video for their 2010 single Born Free.

Shot in Morocco and featuring a range of cars and stunt driving based on the infamous Trick Driving craze in Saudi Arabia, the video looks glorious and the tune ain’t bad either, but what’s really interesting is how director Gavras actually put the scenes together. Below is a fascinating 13 minute long making-of featurette which includes a rather unconventional love story.


Avril Lavigne Likes To Advertise Stuff.

Above is the truly awful music video for Avril Lavigne’s equally awful new single What The Hell. If the sound of this ineffectual pop trite wasn’t bad enough it appears that the singer has decided to collect together as many companies as she can to use her video for some shameless product placements, including cameras, TVs, laptops, perfumes not to mention one for her own new line of clothing Abbey Dawn. Don’t ask us how we know this shit, we’re too ashamed to tell you.

Yes Avril , we were thinking exactly the same thing.