Every One A Shrinking Violet.

Here’s yet another viral video which is currently burning up the Internet. It’s a rendition of Katy Perry’s pop hit Firework, by a group of American school kids accompanied by an acapella club, consisting of large men in the thirties. The kids are known as the PS22 Chorus and are based in Staten Island, New York and are well known in the States for their cover versions of pop songs past and present. Kids wanting to join have to go through an annual auditioning process and if they fail they need to wait a whole year before applying again, no pressure there then at such a young age.

Some people are actually describing this video as ‘beautiful’, and are openly confessing that they’ve burst into tears upon watching it. See, this is what happens when you bombard a generation with shows like The X Factor, Got Talent and f@cking Glee, they grow up truly believing they are the next big thing in waiting. Just watch how some of them work the camera when they are being filmed. If you think we’re being a little harsh check out their other videos below. When we were that age we were round the bike shed sniffing glue and smoking fags, bunking off school, throwing stones at glass windows and plundering. Never did us any harm and we’re famous as f@ck!

The Talent Vacuum Continues.

To say that the crew here at HMS Friday thoroughly despise reality television, so much so that if it were a person we would gladly drag it screaming out by it’s heels into a car park and force it to endure some form of blunt force trauma,  would be something of an understatement. Apparently some pop singer who won, or came a runner-up or appeared for a brief while on The X Factor some time ago made a re-appearance recently to sing and ultimately promote her new single. Diana Vickers performed an absolute car crash of a song entitled My Wicked Fart Heart which, in our own humble opinion, was so ear rapingly bad we had no idea the song actually had lyrics, until some kind person decided to post up the subtitles to her, (in loose brackets), performance. Hey Vickers nice plagiarism on the chorus from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.