WTF Has Happened To Jodie Marsh?

The answer would have to be weight training and an industrial tin of creosote. Jodie Marsh famous for having her breasts enlarged to the size of two pre-war Zeppelins has apparently left her glamour girl career behind for the world of female body building.

The 32 year-old entered the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships last month and looked like she was close to epidermal suffocation. The Daily Mail reports that she’s been on a strict diet and exercise routine constructed by personal fitness trainer Tim Sharp, who recently tweeted a picture of the two with the trophy Marsh lifted for finishing fifth in the competition.

This dramatic transformation has obviously attracted the attention of the tabloids and to be fair some pretty nasty comments have been made about Marsh probably by fat, balding desk jockeys who only ever break sweat when they free their chocolate hostages. But with the success she achieved in this competition Marsh is now continuing her training and setting her sights on the finals next year. Good luck to her.

*shuts down page and takes off welders goggles*

(via Daily Mail)

Before the days of reps, sets and protein shakes.